Handmade keepsake-box, based on the traditional clothing from Dalarna, Sweden.

The traditional Swedish textiles used are pieces of the Leksandsdräkt, which originates from the small town of Leksand. 'I have always been watching with great fascination how the grandmother of my children makes her up to go to church on Sunday or another festivity.

With great love and care, the local women used to embroider and to weave ribbons for these truly beautiful clothes'.

The Leksandsdräkt consists of quite a lot of pieces, and each combination has its own story and meaning; the everyday-costume, the costume for periods of moaning, the costume for celebrations, the children’s costume...

In the same way, each Leksand-box is different when it comes to colour and motive. Fia also tries to respect that out of tradition some pieces just belong together.

Out of these hand-woven textiles, she makes replicas on cardboard, which then are turned into a keepsake-box.