About Fiasask

The name Fiasask is a combination of ‘Fia’ (that’s how they call Veerle in Sweden) and ‘ask’ (Swedish for box). Under that brand, she designs handmade keepsake-boxes.

‘With needle and thread, I sew and baste paper, cardboard and cotton into this particular model.

For the postcard-box, I make use of original vintage postcards and for the Leksand-box, I use cardboard with reproductions of traditional Swedish clothing.’

The choice of Swedish traditional textiles as source of inspiration is not just a coincidence; Fia literately wants to interweave the old handicraft traditions with design in a modern expression.

Fiasask now also offers handmade wooden lamps, whereby the same technique has been used as for the boxes.

Images of Swedish traditional textiles are printed on thin pinewood that lets the light shine through. The graining can still be imagined through the printed pattern. The same type of seam is used here as in the boxes. The small innovative square piece of wood keeps the lampshade stretched out.